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Monterey Pre-Primary School is a great place to learn through play. Play is the important work of our children and is the positive way that children learn. Monterey Pre-Primary began its proud tradition in 1971and is registered with WCED.

Preparing your Child for Life
Our strength is developing the whole child to be happy, secure, confident, strong and healthy. You will find Monterey children to be co-operative, interested and enthusiastic with a healthy self-image that gives them the courage and confidence to accept any challenge. Our programme places emphasis on a sound moral value system with a broadly Christian influence which respects and welcomes all cultures and religions represented in our country. We include children with special needs.

Each area of Monterey is designed to stimulate the child's creativity, challenge their curiosity and develop all their perceptual and pre-learning skills. Emphasis is also placed on the child's social integration, abilities to make decisions and resolve conflict.
Monterey School Structure
Younger Group (3 to 4 years)

The Younger Group follows a "traditional day" programme where all areas of learning occur in their own secure environment. Their day commences at 08h45 and ends at 12h15. We focus on the social and emotional integration of the child in a warm, loving and secure environment.
Middle Group (4 to 5 years)

The Middle Group follows the Integrated Day Programme with continuous assessment through micro education and areas of learning shared between two classes. Class starts at 08h30 with morning ring and continues with a varied and active programme until quiet play, story and home time at 12h30.

Older Group /Grade R Class (5 to 6 years)
The Older Group (Grade R Class) also follows the Integrated Day Programme with focus placed on Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills and continuous assessment through micro education. Their programme starts at 08h15 and ends at 12h45.

Each class has a qualified Teacher and an Assistant Teacher. Assistant Teachers are an integral part of the


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