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We are an independent Christian school in the heart of Paarl valley with a rich history and tradition in education. Our aim at SPS is to unlock our children's God-given abilities by providing them with a wide range of activities, events and opportunities with which they are able to find their strengths and also to develop them optimally. Our aim is wide-ranging development which includes - academic (mind), physical (body), values (heart) and spiritual (soul).

We are mindful of the necessity to instil correct attitudes in our learners. Our aim is to produce well balanced individuals with skill sets which include durability, enthusiasm, fortitude, initiative and self-mastery. At SPS we strive to inspire our learners to become leaders of influence within society.

"Learn better, live Better." is our motto and indicates our learners are empowered to seek The Truth which brings Life and determines their Way.
(John 14:6)


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