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Important School Information: Chuckles Nursery School, Alberton


58-60 Le Maitre Street ,Brackenhurst Alberton 1454

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Nursery School


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A little more about Chuckles Nursery School


Dr. Seuss used to say: "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose."


At our Nursery school we believe in this fundamental idea of children seeing themselves as able beings, clear and adventurous in learning new things, experiences and us as child educators (or practitioners) assisting children in learning, stimulation and thus steering them in a direction destined for reaching their self-fulfilment and own potential. We absolutely do not allow any form of bullying or disrespectful behaviour; instead opting for an environment where being friendly and kind to friends are praised. Please feel free to have a look around on our website and pop by our school during school hours; for a chat with one of our admin ladies!



Welcome Letter


We offer a hearty start to the day with some breakfast at 07h30 ( we open at 06h30 ) and a relaxing end of day with some colouring or a story on a large teleprompter. After the start to the day, we have our inroductory ring-time, signalling the start of our schoolwork. Our mission is to help each and every child reach their potential to its fullest, so that children can have as much a carefree school experience possible (because we know how hectic it gets!) That is exactly why our school-fees include extra-murals essential for a fully-rounded education. Our vision and goal include small classrooms to assist our children all with individual attention, in turn creating a cheery, happy schooling experience causing a positive impression of the idea surrounding the term "school". Our staff are all trained or training and we hope you come to see our dedication to our end-goal!

With best wishes, Mrs. Van der Merwe.


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