Curro Serengeti Academy, Kempton Park

Important School Information: Curro Serengeti Academy, Kempton Park

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Our function at Curro Serengeti, is to develop, encourage and educate our learners on the basis of the foundations of the four core value pillars of Curro, ie Child Friendliness, Excellence, Positive Discipline and Creative Thinking. Through these values, Curro creates a balanced educational arena in which many co-curricular activities, such as sport and culture, can be enjoyed by learners while not losing sight of the core essence of a typical school, namely successful learning.

Education must continually be relevant, and therefore change is called for from time to time. Curro Serengeti will always strive to provide a balanced approach to education. In an age of change, uncertainty, failing standards and materialism, we will never lose sight of the real meaning and purpose of education.


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Sacred Heart College RECOMMENDED
Holy Rosary Girls RECOMMENDED

Elite Secondary College
Glenoaks Primary
Grace Daycare & Aftercare Nursery School
Heritage Christian College


Closest Large Town

Kempton Park


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