Curro Aurora, Sundowner, Randburg

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At Knights we aspire to develop, nurture and train up Young Knights who are secure in their uniqueness, who have been called by God and who are assured of His purpose for their life. Our Young Knights are prepared for a life that is full of choice, adventure and fulfillment, in every area. At Knights, we believe that all children are unique and special and have the right to participate in all aspects of school life. We acknowledge the individualism of each learner and build upon their strengths accordingly. We provide an enriching and challenging environment which is non-competitive and allows each learner to achieve their potential and compete in today's world in a functional manner.


We offer inclusive yet exclusive education where we pride ourselves in education that is first class while accommodating all learners, giving each child a sense of belonging and purpose. One of our many offerings is our Knights Bridging centre which offers learners the opportunity to reap the benefits of an individual learning programme whilst being fully included in the everyday school curriculum including full participation in the school extra mural programme i.e. all sport and cultural activities.


This integrated approach allows children who have been involved in the Bridging programme, no matter the duration, to easily re-join a mainstream class at any time, assuring the parents of a smooth transition where children will be sure to succeed at learning with greater ease and confidence.


Christ-Focused and Biblically-Based

  • Integrity - A promise made is a promise kept. We do the right thing for the right reason, irrespective of who is watching.

  • Authenticity - We love who we are and how we have been created. We celebrate this in ourselves and in others. We are genuine and love our own uniqueness.

  • Safe Environment - We create environments where we can be open and honest with each other. Establishing trusting relationship between us you can be who you are!

  • Celebrate - We seek every opportunity to celebrate in our own and each other's success.

  • Communication - Open meaningful communication.

  • Commitment - We persevere in every aspect of life no matter what comes our way.

  • Respect - We respect every aspect of ourselves and each other.

  • Fun - We seize every opportunity to make the most out of life. We let go of the serious in moments of fun - we laugh at ourselves first.

  • CANI - Continual And Never-ending Improvement in everything we do.

  • Stewardship - Effective management of what God owns in our lives.



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