Knights Preparatory School, Randburg


Important School Information: Knights Preparatory School, Randburg


Milner Rd, Kensington B, Randburg, 2194

Type of school

Independent Primary School


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Boys and Girls

Grades Taught

Grade 000 - Grade 7 (Pre-Primary and Primary School)


011 789 6778


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We are a Primary School that prepares our children, by providing a safe place, to be secure in their uniqueness, so that they can impact the world they live in.

Talents are God-given and the way we think and live establishes the platform for success. The reality of life is nestled in our daily existence and our dreams and ambitions form our true self. At Knights Preparatory we link our faith with our dreams and realities. Dedicated, Christian teachers, committed support staff, involved parents, and visionary leadership form the median for success, the building blocks for future well being and internal self-realisation. This creates a positive school environment with high expectations for life..

This integrated approach allows children who have been involved in the Bridging programme, no matter the duration, to easily re-join a mainstream class at any time, assuring the parents of a smooth transition where children will be sure to succeed at learning with greater ease and confidence.


Christ-Focused and Biblically-Based

  • Integrity - A promise made is a promise kept. We do the right thing for the right reason, irrespective of who is watching.

  • Authenticity - We love who we are and how we have been created. We celebrate this in ourselves and in others. We are genuine and love our own uniqueness.

  • Safe Environment - We create environments where we can be open and honest with each other. Establishing trusting relationship between us you can be who you are!

  • Celebrate - We seek every opportunity to celebrate in our own and each other's success.

  • Communication - Open meaningful communication.

  • Commitment - We persevere in every aspect of life no matter what comes our way.

  • Respect - We respect every aspect of ourselves and each other.

  • Fun - We seize every opportunity to make the most out of life. We let go of the serious in moments of fun - we laugh at ourselves first.

  • CANI - Continual And Never-ending Improvement in everything we do.

  • Stewardship - Effective management of what God owns in our lives.


Knights Pre School
We at Knights Preparatory School believe education is achieved through play, experiencing and experimenting. We allow children to participate in a variety of activities as we believe a child needs to develop as a whole, academically, socially, emotionally and physically. We allow them to experience a variety of outdoor gross motor activities, expose them to sensory learning, visual learning, auditory discrimination, listening skills, social development and much more. Each child is unique and learns in a unique fashion. Our teachers are hand-picked and adapt daily lessons to accommodate individual styles of learning. They are trained in first aid and won't blink at going the extra mile for their children. Each Grade has a loving helper who takes good care of the little ones.



Foundation Phase
In the Foundation Phase at Knights, we believe that each child is a gift from God and as an individual has a unique potential that must be developed to its full. We aim to have children that are happy and secure, equipped with all the necessary life skills needed, as well as to be shining examples for Jesus. We base our teaching on the Fruit of the Spirit, incorporating a different Fruit of the Spirit each month to our teaching preparation, thereby preparing our children for life using Biblical principles.

As teachers, in partnership with our parents, we are committed to ensuring that we develop the God-given talent of each child. We believe in open and honest communication as the best way to support our children. We strive to provide not only a nurturing and caring environment, but to build a solid foundation for further learning. Most of all we try to ensure that our school is a happy place and that our children wake up each morning and are excited about their day at Knights. The smiles and happy faces on our children are testimony to this.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control'. Galatians 5:23.

We create opportunities for our children to learn about Christian values through their learning experiences in the classroom and through their daily interactions with one another. We refer to our children as RIGHT Knights instilling the following attributes: Respect, Integrity, Goodness, Helpfulness and Talk Right. We aim to provide a Christian framework that provides for a good moral code, personal faith and the development of wholesome values, which we encourage our children to build on in their daily lives.



The InterSen Phase of Knights Preparatory accommodates learners from Grade 4-7
It is our primary goal to equip our learners with knowledge, skills and values that will aid them in growing into mature, responsible adults who can live out their dreams and change the world around them for the good. While following the National CAPS Curriculum, our passionate teachers aim to provide our learners with the opportunity to explore topics in depth and to take an active role in their own learning through the use of projects and collaborative work. Our approach is outcome based and seeks to instil a love of learning in each individual.

With the advent of the internet and google at our fingertips, we are surrounded by information. We focus on teaching our children to think logically and creatively as well as to evaluate and interpret information critically. As a Christian school, we have a Biblical world view which underpins our curriculum and has an impact on all that we do. We believe that each child is unique and that it is our responsibility to help each individual to discover and nurture their God-given talents. This is done through the creation of a safe, nurturing environment which allows learners to explore different facets of themselves through our varied curriculum.


Junior Bridging (Grade 0-3)
The Bridging centre aims to remediate problem areas learners might have and to assist children in their personal journey to learning and development. As each child is an individual with specific learning needs the Bridging teacher employs a holistic developmental structure to grow each child's abilities and potential. Children attending Bridging are given assistance in Literacy and Numeracy. They are also given the opportunity to develop gross-motor and fine-motor skills as well as sensory integration. The children's general health, development and self-concept are all central to the aims of the centre.

Each child is assessed to establish where remediation is needed. Focus is then placed on these areas to remediate the problem area and to bridge the gaps. A battery of academic assessments are conducted to determine the learners functioning level in reading, writing, spelling, work speed and maths. A diagnostic profile is compiled for each learner and therapy is addressed accordingly. The Bridging centre facilitates learning according to individual needs. Therefore, an integrated approach is used to accommodate visual, auditory, read and write and kinaesthetic learners. Learning takes place in a smaller class environment to create a personal positive learning experience.



Senior Bridging (Grade 4-7)
Knights Prep is a caring Christian school and our heartfelt desire is for all of our children to enjoy school and to experience success. Our InterSen Phase Bridging classes seek to ensure that learners who are experiencing difficulties, or who may have gaps in their English and Mathematics foundations, improve their skills and begin to achieve at an appropriate level for their grade.

Children who are in Bridging are fully part of the class; they merely have a different teacher for English and Mathematics. The same work is covered and similar tests and examinations are written. However, concepts are reinforced through additional practice and there is a lot more support given so the pace is slightly slower.



As the class is small, the teacher constantly monitors progress and can intervene and remedy problems there and then. Extra lessons are provided after school should there be a need for greater support. We are also able to offer a full range of academic concessions such as readers, scribes and extra time when necessary. Individualised Learning Programmes (ILP) can also be developed when needed.

The Bridging Classes have laptop computers available to each child to work on Mathletics and Reading Eggs and a variety of iPad apps are also used to enhance learning. Later this year we will be introducing the Rave-o remedial reading programme in Grades 2-5. This is a well- researched and very effective programme for improving the crucial skill of reading.


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