Province: Gauteng

School: St Peter's Boys School
Our boys are encouraged to develop skills in all areas of their education – academic, emotional, social, sport and cultural – while maintaining their individuality and growing their own personal strengths. The ethos and values of St Peter’s underpin their learning and experiences within the classroom and school environment. The aim of our teaching is to ensure that best practice is followed and that our boys grow in confidence and resilience.

At St Peter’s College we strive to provide a balanced and varied co-curricular environment representative of the modern and diverse South Africa. The aim of our co-curricular programme is to ensure that individuals achieve their potential through exposure to a wide range of excellent sporting and cultural activities. Our goal via the co-curricular programme is to create and maintain an environment where trust and respect for the individual prevails, where diversity is valued and where individual responsibility is fostered within the context of teamwork. The unique contribution to the co-curricular programme by each student is valued within an environment of opportunity and excellence.

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