Province: Gauteng

School: Thabile Nursery School
Established in 1973, our Nursery School is a NPC and a member of the ISASA. Any profit is put back into upgrading and maintaining the school.

Thabile provides quality education for all children. We aim to develop the whole child, emotionally, socially and intellectually. We want the child to have a positive self esteem and to be able to cope with life and to develop to their full potential. At Thabile this is achieved by play-based learning. Children learn by playing and experimenting. We try to expose them to as many concrete opportunities as possible. Doing is far more important than the end product. Our teachers are fully qualified to teach grades 000 and 00 as well as the Grade R / Grade 0 school readiness program.

We open at 7:30 and close at 12:30. The aftercare runs from 12:45 to 16:45.

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