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Pharos wants to be a safe place for children, whatever their needs, hurts or individual challenges are.

A Lighthouse stands strong throughout generations. It is not bound to one generation. Pharos will be a multi-generational school - long after all of us are gone, it will fulfill its calling in future generations.

A lighthouse can handle the onslaughts of storms.

We want to teach and guide children how to stand strong in the times of storm in their lives.

The light of lighthouse shines far.

Pharos to be a place where the prophetic gift from God will be nurtured and developed in young children. They can hear His voice, and obey.

To climb up in a lighthouse asks courage and to overcome fear.

Pharos will be a place where we want to teach children to have courage, and overcome fear.

Jesus said in the Word:

"I am the Light of the world" He also said
"You are a light to the world."

When we are in Christ, and Christ is in us, we carry His light into this world. Pharos will be a place where the Light of Christ will shine. Because He is the Light of the world, He will guide us. Then we and the Pharos children, can br the light to the world - Jeffreys Bay and Kouga and wherever God will take these precious children when they are grown ups.

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