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Barkly House Kenilworth Pre-Primary School offers a 3-year programme for children from the year that they turn 4 until the year they turn 6. Our mission statement is: "Every child is developed holistically through play to the best of their ability in a structured environment." This mission statement informs all our interactions, preparations and planning for each individual child every day.

Our philosophy of education is an eclectic approach based on the theories of Piaget and Montessori (Cognitive Theorists), Bruner (Discovery Theorist focusing on the importance of the environment) and Vygotsky (Developmental Psychologist focusing on the importance of a teacher and on interaction for learning and language development).

The school uses the integrated open-plan method. This is based on systems used in England, America and Wales. The general characteristics of this method are:

Structuring of the learning environment through the optimal use of physical space and the objects in it.
Structured varied activities in each room - a resource room and an art room.
A variety of materials are used - shop-bought, teacher-made and child-made. These are all in active use and are all placed in rational order.
The whole environment is non-threatening.
There are plenty of role models for each child to copy. It provides a family type social setting, which is reflective of society.
The teacher can use optimal learning situations - incidental teaching, rather than formal lessons. Learning through play is natural and promotes a desire to learn and it encourages discovery and lifelong learning.
Teachers "teach" and facilitate learning in small groups or with individuals. Children are taught when they are motivated and ready to learn.
Individuals are encouraged to learn at their own pace.
It is cost-effective as resources are used optimally.
Ongoing evaluation is used extensively.



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