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Hope Of Africa Junior Christian College was birthed out of a promise given by God in Isaiah 43 vs 4 to 6 during October 2004. Children both locally and from afar, especially Africa, would be sent to the school.

The Lord laid upon the hearts of Dimitri and Colleen Cristallides the desire to establish an unique rainbow school which integrates a nursery section, pre-primary and primary school in the Goodwood area. Hope Of Africa Junior Christian College is an unique school in that it has its own character and endevours to empower its children spiritually, academically and physically according to the teachings of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Our dedicated and qualified staff strive to foster a positive attitude amongst the children towards their scholastic work and their peers. It is not only the right but also the responsibility of the parents to be involved in the child's school programme. A healthy and active parent-to-teacher partnership is therefore encouraged.

With the need for Grade 1 - 3, we decided to open in January 2013 a Grade 1 class was opened and it is our intention to have Grade 2 in 2014 and Grade 3 in 2015. A preparatory (Grade 1 to Grade 3) school will be functional by 2015.

Hope of Africa Junior Christian College offers every child a loving, caring and meaningful educational environment, where the learner can grow and achieve his / her full potential. Small classes with a maximum of 25 learners per teacher are the norm in the nursery and 15 learners in the preparatory school. Today we are offering education and care from the nursery section - 3 months to Grade 1 and aftercare.


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