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Ambleside Primary School of Kensington is a Christ centered school that is based on the thought and practice of British author, philosopher and teacher, Charlotte Mason (1842 -1923).

The school has been founded to provide a ‘living education' for the children of Kensington and surrounding areas.

A living education cultivates a love to learn, to live lives caring for others, while interacting with the best literature, the greatest works of art and music and creation.



Our school offers small student-teacher ratios (no more than 16 per class). We are an independent, private Christian school and affiliate to Ambleside Schools International.

The curriculum is built up of skill-based (disciplinary) and content-based (inspirational) subjects. The curriculum consists primarily of living books and narratives. Some are classics that have stood the test of time, while others feature beautiful language, universal themes, rich characters or intricate plots.

The curriculum provides exposure to knowledge that is vital, fruitful, interesting and idea-rich.

Disciplinary subjects; among them mathematics, grammar, composition, phonics, language, art, geography, handwork, physical education and recitation.

Inspirational subjects; among them literature, nature study, poetry, history and science.



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