Glen Austin High School, Midrand

School Information: Glen Austin High School


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Why Choose Glen Austin High School

Do you want the very best education for your child?


  • Exclusive schooling where we bring the very best for your child.

  • Internationally acclaimed artist, to teach art and drama.

  • Educated in a healthy environment.

  • Small classes, with passionate teachers.

  • Brought up with Christian values, ethos and positive discipline.

  • State of the art technology, including tablets/e-books and interactive white boards

Do you want your child to be a well-rounded young adult?


  • We will assist in the setting of educational goals for your child.

  • Psych Ed offered by registered psychologist.

  • A unique workshop based programme, held weekly to strength and enhance your child's mental wellbeing.

  • Life coaching, peer relationship and self-esteem issues and adolescence by our registered child psychologist.


Do you want your child to have a head start in the world through the competent use of technology?


  • E-manuals.

  • Microsoft Office Suite training included for grade 8.

  • Basic Hardware and Software training (A+) included for grade 9.

  • Basic Networking and IT technician training included for grade 10.

  • Server Administrator training available for grades 11 and 12.


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