Graceview Christian School, West Rand

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At Graceview Christian school we believe that learners need to find their equilibrium in all spheres in order to become complete individuals. As a result our teaching methodology is holistic and includes aspects such as our strong Christian foundation as well as the paramount importance of our role in saving our environment and making it sustainable for future generations.


We instill in our learners the intrinsic value of their worth in our society. The irrevocable awareness of their role in their own future as well as the future of our planet as a whole and the development of an unwavering moral compass. Learners at Graceview Christian school are taught according to the standards set by the department of education. The curriculum includes computer science in the primary school. Students are encouraged to avail themselves of the opportunities presented outside the realm of the normal curriculum in the form of sporting and cultural pursuits. Learners are given occasion to showcase their efforts in different formats as well as to display their sporting prowess in interactions with other schools.


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