Midstream College, Centurion

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This independent school will endeavour to provide each learner with the skills necessary in an ever accelerating changing world. We strive to provide a holistic, equal opportunity for the acquisition of knowledge and to encourage growth in academic, physical and cultural areas of a well-adapted, responsible individual society.

Midstream College Primary School is distinguished by its vision and motto EXCELLENTIA - strive for excellence - which implies the following:

  • education of the highest quality for all learners

  • each learner will be regarded and treated as an individual, to realise his/her optimal potential

  • development of the learners' spiritual values - a value system taught to all learners to give them the opportunity to strengthen and understand their relationship with God and their fellowmen

  • to develop learners physically through healthy team and individual sport participation, in line with their physical abilities

  • to provide tuition in the first language to English as well as Afrikaans speaking learners, and also to provide tuition in a second language on first language level from grade 3

  • to develop learners in acceptance and respect for all cultures



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