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St Mary's School, an independent Anglican School for girls, was established in 1888 and is the oldest school in Johannesburg. St Mary's caters for pupils from Pre-school (Grade 000) through to Matric (Grade 12). It is a school with a rich history which exudes spirit, integrity and passion in every facet of its life. It welcomes the enrichment provided by other cultures and religions. It is an unpretentious school, which offers a real and relevant education to all in its care.


Throughout St Mary's history, it has endeavoured to make a difference in the community and add value to the lives of its pupils, while at the same time maintaining standards of excellence in every sphere. St Mary's believes in sharing its privilege because that is the very essence of being an Anglican school. The girls are involved in a number of community and service projects to contribute to social upliftment and embrace diversity.


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