Trinityhouse Little Falls, Roodepoort

School Information: Trinityhouse Little Falls

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Trinityhouse Little Falls High School, in its magnificent setting, has a declaration of Christian values that lays a foundation for each pupil and promotes individual integrity and character. Trinityhouse prides itself on providing opportunities for growth in academic, sporting and cultural, as well as in spiritual areas.

Our High School pupils take responsibility for the quality of their own lives and progress, and recognize that they are a part of a bigger global community. Each child - no matter their background, talents or interests - is encouraged to use their own initiative. This creates a spirit of unity among the pupils, which is enhanced by outings, assembly and school events that promote community awareness and guide leadership skills.

Our inspirational teachers are committed to supporting pupils, and pursue a deeper understanding of each child as they find their way in our ever-changing, yet challenging world. This helps them to move towards a higher vision of what they want to accomplish within their own lives. The end result is an education beyond expectation.



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