Little Noddy Pre-School, Berea

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At Little Noddy we provide a high standard of outstanding facilities to guide your child through all the stages of their development. Our baby and toddler amenities provide excellent care for babies from 3 months to 2 years. We have a high staff to child ratio in a warm, friendly and hygienic facility. Individual cots are provided in a calm and soothing environment.


Our education programme for our 2 - 6 year (Grade R) age group more than meets the revised curriculum statements in terms of literacy, numeric and life skills. An enthusiastic team of sensitive, friendly teachers help create a warm, loving atmosphere, which forms an ideal building block in your child's pre-primary education. Our curriculum revolves around a main theme which changes weekly, finishing on Fridays when the children do their Baker Baker 'constructions'. Through the various themes, which are based on common topics and interests, the children are inspired and so learning becomes fun. Our Grade R's also have the opportunity to go on many outings as well as having sleepovers and dress-up days


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